Official Music Videos

December 31st 2019 - "Caught Up"  [Official Music Video]

Directed by Guzza (Tahiti and Marcellus Suber)

Shot by Marcellus Suber

Filmed at Alpha Omega Studio

August 12th 2019 - "Rag Doll" 

[Official Music Video]

Directed by Bencjones

Shot by Marcellus Suber

Starring: Bencjones, Catina Hardin, Robi Nicoli, Taylor May, Walter Archey Jr., Marcellus Suber and Marc Milley

Filmed at The Post at River East

May 19th 2019 - "Just One Gun" [Official Music Video]

Directed by Huey Rwals 

Starring : Bencjones and DR Mann Hanson  

Filmed at the Hurst Recreation Center 

Live Perfomances

October 7th 2019 - "Be Together"  [Live Acoustic]

For KXT's Tiny Cake Contest celebrating 10 years on the air!

Directed by Bencjones

November 30th 2019 - "Goodbye" [Live Acoustic]

Directed by Bencjones

Shot by Marcellus Suber

Bencjones covers Series

January 12th 2020

Episode One: Gollay "Built for Love"