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1.12.20 Bencjones starts new series called Bencjones COVERS

Bencjones covers local Fort Worth and Dallas bands. Episode One: Gollay "Built for Love". Click here to see episode one!

12.31.19 Bencjones releases new music video for "Caught Up"

Directed by Guzza (Tahiti and Marcellus Suber) Bencjones rocks out in this fun artistic music video. Check it out here! 

12.28.19 Bencjones gives thanks to all the local DFW standouts that have helped in 2019

2019 has been an amazing year for Bencjones but he couldn't have done it with out a little help! Instagram

12.19.19 FW Weekly puts "Rag Doll" in their top 20 Local Videos of 2019

Bencjones lands at number 11 on the FW Weekly's "Top Local Videos of 2019". Check Out the List Here!

11.30.19 Bencjones sings an acoustic version of "Goodbye"

Check out Bencjones performing this sad tear jerking ballad. Click here to check it out!

10.24.19 Bencjones has first FULL BAND show at The Post

Bencjones and the boys put on their very first full band show at the Post. and play the entire album "Just One Gun"! Click Here!

10.17.19 Bencjones gets HUGE shout out on 91.7 KXT for "Tiny Cake Contest"

Bencjones gets a lovely shout out by his hometown heroes 91.7 KXT during their 10th anniversary "Tiny Cake Contest". 

10.7.19 Bencjones enters 91.7 KXT's "Tiny Cake Contest" with a live acoustic version of "Be Togethe

8.12.19 Bencjones releases new Horror Music Video for "Rag Doll"

After Bencjones jilts his fiancee she enacts revenge on him with a voodoo doll in this silly yet dark and entertaining music video. Check it out here!

7.30.19 Fort Worth Weekly: "Bencjones Takes a Shot"

With a new album in tow, the multi-instrumentalist is figuring out his music career.
when you have the chance to do something like re-launch a music career, you say, “Why the hell not?” and ... click here for the full story

7.4.19 KXT 91.7 plays Bencjones - "Just One Gun" on the Local Show hosted by Amy Miller on July Four

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1.19.20 Cover art for Bencjones's 2nd Album Released

Announced on twitter Benjones releases cover art of up and coming new album "First They Get Your Money" Out April 4th 2020. Check out twitter

6.25.19 KFTW 97.5 features Bencjones as a panelist on the Barbershop hosted by Mathew Broyles

The show will be available ALL July airing Thursday Nights at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 11am. 

6.25.19 Instagram

Stream the show here if not in Fort Worth

6.6.19 KXT 91.7 Features Bencjones for the SECOND TIME on the Local Show hosted by Amy Miller

6.2.19 Bencjones drops NEW 10 TRACK album titled "Just One Gun". Along with a brand NEW Music Video

4.14.19 ALT 103.7 Features Bencjones TWO weeks in a row on The Locals Only Show hosted by Mark on t

3.3.19 Rock the Pigeon: Bluesy Guitars & Soulful Vocals, Meet BenCjones

Introducing quite the little bluesy ear worm! BenCjones is out with a bluesy rock song titled “Be Together.” Infused with a huge amount of soul in both the vocal and lead electric for full story here.

1.21.19 The Band Camp Diaries: Rock music with an infectious rhythm and a huge production.

Bencjones is an artist with a focus on creating catchy, yet gritty rock music. His sound has a for full story here.

3.20.19 Santa Rosa Records: “Time Bomb” takes the listener on an interesting & hard-hitting journey

BenCjones new single “Time Bomb” takes the listener on an intensely interesting and hard-hitting journey that climaxes with a beautiful guitar solo and heavenly choir. We hope you dig! click for full story

2.21.19 KXT 91.7 Features Bencjones for the FIRST TIME on the Local Show hosted by Amy Miller

1.29.19 Music review of the Album 'Just One Gun' by Bencjones // Exclusive DTube Video 275 #Musicmon

" can’t just write a few tracks anymore and call it an album. You need killer tracks if you want to be recognised these days and Bencjones manages to do just that and then some. I had the pleasure..." Continue at Tan Bay