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Santa Rosa Records: “Time Bomb” takes the listener on an interesting & hard-hitting journey

BenCjones new single “Time Bomb” takes the listener on an intensely interesting and hard-hitting journey that climaxes with a beautiful guitar solo and heavenly choir. We hope you dig! click for full story

Rock the Pigeon: Bluesy Guitars & Soulful Vocals, Meet BenCjones

Introducing quite the little bluesy ear worm! BenCjones is out with a bluesy rock song titled “Be Together.” Infused with a huge amount of soul in both the vocal and lead electric for full story here.

Music review of the Album 'Just One Gun' by Bencjones // Exclusive DTube Video 275 #Musicmonday

" can’t just write a few tracks anymore and call it an album. You need killer tracks if you want to be recognised these days and Bencjones manages to do just that and then some. I had the pleasure..." Continue at Tan Bay

The Band Camp Diaries: Rock music with an infectious rhythm and a huge production.

Bencjones is an artist with a focus on creating catchy, yet gritty rock music. His sound has a for full story here.