"First they get your money" OUT NOW!!!

Bencjones releases his sophmore album with 10 new tracks, 

Check out track listing here!

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Who is Bencjones?

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Original Indie Alt-Rock solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Bencjones makes highly melodic, groove-drenched music that reaches new fans every single day. His second album, First They Get Your Money, comes out April 4th, 2020 and is packed with indescribably soulful and powerful tracks that demonstrate to his listeners that he’s clearly developing into a next-level talent. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Bencjones handled all of the guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocal tasks on the new record himself, which makes First They Get Your Money a deeply personal expression of where he’s currently at as a creator. He often gets compared to Lenny Kravitz, The Black Keys, and The White Stripes but his music stretches beyond such simple comparisons and always occupies its own creative space. 

His debut record, Just One, gained traction in the Dallas/Fort Worth region in 2019 and received radio airplay on 91.7 KXT, 103.7 ALTFM, 97.1 The Eagle, and 97.5KFTW. He was covered in The Fort Worth Weekly and made its Top 20 Music Videos Of 2019 list. A compelling live performer, he played over 50 shows last year in DFW, Chicago, Austin, Nashville, and even Mexico City. Jones makes music for the sheer love of doing it and has evolved a multifaceted sound that sets him apart from the assembly line acts so common in today’s scene. Stream Bencjones now and find out what the future actually sounds like. 

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Fort Worth Weekly Feature

"Bencjones Takes A Shot" by Steve Steward


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