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Jones Fort Worth Weekly Feature:

7.30.19 - Bencjones debut album showcases some serious songwriting firepower by Steve Steward  Read Full Story Here

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Who is Bencjones?


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  Bencjones is a child of music. His parents were both music majors when they met in college and you could say that he was born with grooves in his blood. He’s since developed into a talented multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter with a style that blends Alternative and Indie Rock influences into unique original music. His new album, Just One Gun hit the streets June 2nd, 2019 and features a diverse lineup of songs that have drawn comparisons to Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz, The Black Keys, and Wilco. The tracks are united, however, by Jones’ own creative fire and vision, a force that blurs the lines of influence and keeps this set standing firmly on its own legs. 

  Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Bencjones plays bass, keyboards, and guitar on Just One Gun, as well as handling all the vocals. This kind of creativity is its own reward for him, as is the level of expression music affords him. He has had success in synch licensing and had music used in a premium YouTube show but is eager to be recognized as an artist in his own right. This new record is expected to help get Jones to a much larger audience and those close to him are excited to watch his career grow. Bencjones is a humble man who’s ready to step to center stage and give himself to the world. Those searching for a fresh breath in an often-stale modern music scene are advised to find him today. 

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"Goodbye" - Nov 30th 2019 (Live Av

"Be Together"- Oct 7th 2019 Live Acoustic)

"Rag Doll" - August 20 2019 [Official Music Video]

"Just One Gun" - June 2nd 2019 [Official Music Video]

"Living With A Lie" - April 1st 2019

"Time Bomb" March 9th 2019

"Be Together" February 14th 2019

"Shutting It Down" January 21st 2019